Sunday, August 26, 2007

April poll of Sask. Party lead in Sask.

I am sure there must be more recent polls but I imagine that the Sask Party still has a substantial lead. I hear that Calvert has new teeth in preparation for the campaign. I hope they are good and sharp!

Sask. Party enjoys big lead
Angela Hall, The Leader-Post
Published: Saturday, April 28, 2007
Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party would sweep to power if a provincial election was held immediately, according to a poll conducted for the Leader-Post.

Nearly 55 per cent of decided respondents said they would cast a ballot for the Saskatchewan Party -- an almost 25-point lead over Premier Lorne Calvert's New Democrats at 29 per cent, the Sigma Analytics poll found.

"That's a deep hole to dig out of," said Ken Rasmussen, director of the University of Regina's graduate school public policy.

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Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall is gaining popularity in the polls.
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Font: ****"Once the numbers get entrenched like this and once people have made up their mind, that could be it for the NDP."

The Liberals, led by David Karwacki, followed with the support of about 10 per cent of decided respondents, and the Green Party and its new leader Sandra Finley was last at about six per cent.

Approximately 30 per cent of respondents to the poll, conducted April 18 to 24, said they were undecided about which party to vote for if an election was held tomorrow.

The results show the Sask. Party has broken into seat-winning territory in every region, suggesting it has overcome the "fear and loathing" factor, said Cam Cooper, senior associate with Sigma Analytics.

"The concern people used to have about the Sask. Party in the last election appears to have transferred," Cooper said.

"The numbers show (the NDP) is basically under siege on all fronts."

Cooper noted the NDP showing came despite generally favourable reviews in the poll to the senior's drug plan and graduate tax exemption programs introduced in the New Democrat spring budget.

The exception to the Sask. Party lead is Regina, where the New Democrats hold a "statistically indistinct" lead, according to the poll.

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