Monday, January 12, 2009

Canadian military getting 1,300 new trucks

Nice that the things are booming in the military-industrial complex. As McKay spins the matter even though the trucks are actually manufactured in the US we get a piece of the pie. Perhaps in return for this generosity we will be urged to take a greater part of the action in the far flung imperialist ventures of our southern neighbour for even more stimulus for our own players in the global military industrial complex.

Canadian military getting 1,300 new trucks
Last Updated: Friday, January 9, 2009 3:17 PM ET
CBC News
National Defence Minister Peter MacKay announced the acquisition of new trucks for the Canadian Forces on Friday. (Francis Vachon/Canadian Press)
The Canadian Forces will be receiving 1,300 new heavily armoured trucks for domestic use, an acquisition Defence Minister Peter MacKay touted as a boon for the economy and a necessity for rebuilding the military's aging fleet.
"This is an important acquisition for the Canadian Forces," said MacKay. "I can tell you in speaking with members of the force, our leadership, down to the truck drivers, everyone is extremely excited to be receiving these all-purpose vehicles."
MacKay made the announcement at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier north of Quebec City, home to the famed Van Doos regiment.
Delivery of the MilCOTS vehicles will begin this summer and be completed within 18 months, said MacKay. They will replace the current medium-sized logistics trucks, which have been in use since the 1980s.
MacKay described the all-purpose trucks as the workhorses of the fleet and said they will allow the military to do more with fewer vehicles.
He also painted the purchase as good news during challenging economic times. As part of their contract, Navistar must generate a dollar of economic activity within Canada for every dollar received.
The $274-million contract was awarded to the Illinois-based Navistar Defence LLC.
Though MacKay acknowledges the vehicles will be manufactured in the United States, he says some component parts will be built in Canada. Other economic benefits will come from the products used in conjunction with the trucks, which will be Canadian, said MacKay.
He added that it's part of a larger effort to modernize the army that will positively impact the country.
"The investments that will be arising from this broad strategy in rebuilding and modernizing the Canadian Forces will provide many opportunities and jobs across the country, including, of course, here in Quebec," MacKay said.

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