Thursday, December 6, 2007

NDP privatization benefits Sask. Party

Before it was defeated the NDP managed to carry out its own privatization campaign generously leaving funds for the Sask Party. The sask gov. newsite reports that the government half interest in a heavy oil upgrader was sold. 75 million from the sale went into General Revenues and 320 million into a Green Future Funds. Will this be turned into a Rosy Futures Fund under control of Enterprise Saskatchewan!
The NDP deserves some sort of medal for being the stupidest and most hypocritical of governments. It shouts like a stuck pig when the Sask Party even mentions privatization but then it engages in the practice itself even though facing almost certain defeat, leaving the funds to the very party it opposes. The Romanow government also privatised and did nothing to reverse the privatisations of Devine. Maybe Saskatchewan could use a revived CCF.

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